What We Do

We are an organization based in India.  After more research into the country, we realized there are very many people struggling daily in poverty and other issues. That’s when we decided to form this nonprofit organization to lend a hand.

Basically, we are about supporting and helping people in different situation. To those living in poverty, we help by donating food, beddings or sometimes build for them.

In cases of natural disasters occurrences, we visit the site and help the affected ones by donating materials and food to keep them going before the government comes in.

If you have a problem or need of legal advice with matters concerning the welfare of children, adoption or custody issues, you can reach out. We have lawyers who are dedicated to help you get best results. We believe in winning and supporting.  During the whole session, you can be educated on what is expected and what not at a small or no fee at all.

After approaching us for help, we send our support team to your home and see what the situation is and we start help.

We also select the very needy children and pass them through school up to the university or colleges. Since the start, more than 100 children have been benefited and we hope at the end of this year, we will have enrolled more than 500 children to school. If you know children who need help, or need to support our work, you can feel free to contact us.