About Us

We are a nonprofit organization based in India, Delhi. Our offices are located at the New Delhi plaza 1st street second floor. We offer humanitarian and development assistance all over India. We were motivated by the needy children and women who find it hard to survive or support their needs.

Once in every 6 months, we hold a summit to discuss how we will support this minority group (women and children) by organizing support groups, finding sponsors and contribution of funds. Resources are mainly acquired through the support groups or other international sponsors who funds our organization. Local sponsors also come in.

Childs survival summit International is here to support the needy, either affected by natural disasters, poverty, poor health and food shortages. We also offer legal advices on matters concerning child adoption, divorce and child labor.

We welcome all those in need. However, sometimes, a background check is done to determine your main problem.  This gives us more information about you. We decided on doing this because, there were people who were taking advantage yet they were stable limiting the support for the needy.

In case of a need situation, our support team is sent to the location and then help is given. If it’s a crisis, like floods, fire or earthquakes, then various resources such as food, clothing and beddings are given. At times, we may help. That is our main objective.