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Instagram ads for dropshipping: examples of sticker overlays

How Burak Makes $150k Dropshipping using Instagram

Serial Entrepreneur to Five-Star Ecommerce Business: The Power of Social Media. We all want to learn How Burak Makes $150k Dropshipping using Instagram since we all have Instagram accounts, maybe we are all doing it the wrong way.

How To Make $150K Dropshipping Using Instagram

This is the success story of a young 23-year-old-born entrepreneur. As a son of a known businessman, Burak Doğan started experimenting with entrepreneurship as early as his 18th Birthday.

Though he failed at it severally, Burak never gave up; he was always focused and determined to build his store to a very outstanding sales per daily income. For him, it was when you fail at a thing that will you learn to do it better.

Young Entrepreneur: The Journey all the way.

While in Istanbul, Turkey, Burak was into photo shooting and curetting content for peoples’ Instagram account before he started seeing a little headway in 2017 with a marketing agency online.

In so many ways, he tried to improve his skills; learning from resources online on Youtube and directly communicating with more experienced entrepreneurs. I hope you learn something new about how Burak Makes $150k Dropshipping using Instagram and you can later apply the same.

It wasn’t long before it became clear that all he needed to succeed was clearly at his very grasp all along. He had learned how to magnet his audience with Instagram and make better sales.

He would meet local businesses to help them with advertising on Instagram and join in building their online presence and hence create more sales; this he also did to business abroad, and it paid off well.

A great twist in the world of Dropshipping

While on one of his regular research for his agency clients, he stumbled upon dropshipping. Looking through the business working mechanism, he fell in love with the method already.

Understanding that he had a low risk of wasting money drove him into giving this great option a try. With his marketing skills, he set off to open his new dropshipping store in December. It was so serious for him that he quit eating sometimes.

It was by the end of December 2017 that he launched his fashion store. He added female fashion wears, especially for young ladies within the teenage and young adult age range. And his choice of brand was very far off his style of dressing.

How Instagram helped build the brand

At first, Burak’s zeal for dropshipping was driven by speculations and fantasies he had about the business. He had a huge plus anyways, and he already knew how to use Instagram to his favor; though he was new to eCommerce.

How Burak Makes $150k Dropshipping using Instagram

Waiting wasn’t something he wanted to do, so in the first week of following these processes. He made over $250 in sales. And this was a very nice output for a business model he was new to.

The results gave him an insight that his fantasies about dropshipping were becoming real, making the business model a more viable option.
He understood at this point, how powerful using Instagram could be; in selling one’s products.

With time, Burak’s Instagram page about his store grew to over 27,000 followers. Presently his sister manages the social responsibility of curetting the page and as well doing the work of a Virtual Assistant.

Letting Fear was a Great Mistake

AS things fell into their rightful places, Burak felt very relaxed and stopped all research on other advertising alternatives. This was because he was already getting all the Sales he could get from his Instagram account.

It was a waste of time for him to even venture into learning about Facebook Ads. And it wasn’t so much of his fault, because he lost money during one of his ads campaigns on Facebook; at the early stage of his store.

Losing his money with no returns, he never wanted to give Facebook ads a try again. It was very hard for him to finally conclude and join other dropshippers to use Facebook as an advertising platform.

With the knowledge he has amassed over time, he realized that his Instagram account has already helped him get enough information for his Facebook Pixel. You can as well read this previous story about How Karolis Travels Doing Dropshipping As A Side Hustle

Being that he had installed pixel earlier when his store launched, it was easier to design a lookalike audience from the data it has gotten so far. It was now very easy and effective that he understood it more.

How Burak Makes $150k Dropshipping using Instagram

Why Run Instagram Ads For Your Dropshipping Store

Instagram is a visual content platform that lends itself to e-commerce because shoppers like to SEE products before they buy. And users on Instagram are there specifically to scroll through images.

The trick for dropshippers is to find ways to showcase your products so that they blend seamlessly into your target customer’s Instagram feed. You need to know your niche audience, and create imagery that will resonate with their lifestyle.

Instagram on a tablet next to business goals. Why use Instagram ads for your dropshipping store


How To Start Using Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are posts or Stories that a business pays to promote to users’ Instagram feeds. They can look just like regular Instagram posts, but they’re identified by a “Sponsored” label. They almost always include a call-to-action button to drive traffic or conversions.

In this section, we’ll cover the five (5) basic steps of setting up an Instagram account and creating an ad campaign for your dropshipping store that converts. For business owners that want to do a deeper dive into specific details of the ad set-up process, you can check out this Complete Instagram Ad Guide.

Step 1: Create A Business Account

If you have a personal account already where you’ve been promoting your online store and getting some traction, don’t worry. You can easily convert it to a business account. But before you start running Instagram ads for dropshipping, you need to make the switch.

With an Instagram business profile, you can see real-time metrics on how your stories and promoted posts perform, get insights into how followers are interacting with your content, and unlock features available only to businesses that make it easier to get noticed and drive sales.

Within the app, find settings, then scroll down to Switch to Business Account. Be sure your profile is set to public. If your Instagram account is private, you can’t convert it into a business account.

Instagram ads for dropshipping business profile

Business Profile Example
Source: Instagram

Step 2: Link Your Instagram Account To Facebook

Visit the Settings for your Facebook page and click on “Instagram Ads”. Next, click “Log In” and fill in your Instagram login credentials. If you don’t have an existing Instagram account, Facebook will allow you to create one.

You’ll be running all your Instagram ads for dropshipping through Facebook’s self-serve Ads Manager platform. With this tool you have total control over your ads, how they appear and who sees them, along with your advertising budget.

Step 3: Create an Instagram Ad Campaign

Each ad type works for different business goals and has different call-to-action options available. However, most entrepreneurs just starting out with instagram ads for dropshipping stick to the first three; photo, shopping, and Stories ads.

When advertising on Instagram, you also get to choose from several campaign objectives. These are the goals for your Instagram ad campaign that you select. Don’t skip this step! It affects how your ads are optimized and how you pay for them.

The Conversions objective is a solid choice for e-commerce businesses that want to drive sales. It’s important to note, however, that in order to use this objective you must first have the Facebook pixel installed on your website.

Instagram ads for dropshipping choose the conversions objective

Next, you’ll need to define your audience, placements, budget, and schedule. Instagram ads have all the same targeting options as Facebook. These include targeting based on location, demographics, interests, behavior, lookalike audiences, and automated targeting (let Facebook decide).

Even better, if you have Custom Audiences, you can target those on Instagram. Custom Audiences are groups of people who have already connected with your brand in some way. They might have visited your website, engaged with your posts, or shared their contact info with you.

NOTE: The team at Instagram reviews every promotion to make sure it meets all ad policies of the platform. It’s wise to read these policies first to make sure your ads are approved and so your account won’t be suspended after moderation.

Step 4: Design Your Ad Creatives

Decide which ad format you want to use for your campaign. Be sure your image/video meets all Instagram platform specifications. Check out this helpful guide for the most updated sizing requirements for each one of Instagram’s ad formats.

As a dropshipper, your primary Instagram goal will likely be to promote the products you sell online to get more conversions. We encourage you to test out different types of product images. Try single product vs. multi-product, experiment with lighting, color, text overlays, graphics, and more to see what gets the most engagement from your audience.

But once you find the “look” that works for you, be consistent. It’s important to be concept-driven and on-brand when showcasing products on this visual platform, regardless of the type of ad creative.

Another key thing to keep in mind is that on Instagram, lifestyle imagery tends to outperform product images or videos. Some marketing agencies have gone so far as to note that lifestyle product images (using content and relatable people) outperform images without people 5X on average.

Grow Your Dropshipping Business Through Instagram | How To Use Instagram For Dropshipping

Grow Your Dropshipping Business Through Instagram | How To Use Instagram For Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a method for the retail of items in which the retailer does not keep stocks of products, but transfers the orders of their customers to a wholesaler, the manufacturer of the product or another retailer and the order is shipped directly to the customer from them. Dropshipping has many advantages over other business models. The most important of which is that it requires significantly less amount of money as you do not have to invest in large inventories. But to get your dropshipping business to run smoothly and grow bigger, you need to advertise and gain customers through any means possible. And currently, there is nothing better than social media for advertising. And the most popular social media platform in today’s date is Instagram. So using Instagram for Dropshipping is a good idea.

Why To Use Instagram For Dropshipping?

As I already mentioned, Instagram is the most popular social media platform today. It has about 1 Billion active users per month. The majority of people on Instagram are of the age group of 25-34 years old. Instagram allows users to share photos and 1-minute videos and stories that last 24 hours with their users. Users or businesses can also share IGTV videos that are long-length videos and also go live on their Instagram account for their followers. Paid advertisements are also available for your business on Instagram.
So, if used properly, Instagram can prove to be very valuable for your dropshipping business.

  • The first thing you need to do is to create a business account on Instagram. Make full use of your bio, your username, and your profile picture to describe your business.
  • Add your contact details like your email address so that people can contact you.
    Use your Bio to describe to your followers and potential customers about your business, the type of products or services that you offer, and other contact details such as your contact number or address of your shop (if any).
  • After that, fill your account with posts describing your products, their price and shipment charges, and more.
  • Always include relevant hashtags in your posts. Using relevant hashtags increases the traffic on your account and that in turn increases the number of customers. Also add suitable captions describing the product/s, the shipment details, the return policy, and the price of the product. Shipment details include shipment cost, countries or cities you ship to, etc.
  • Use the search feature for finding your biggest competitor and keep an eye on them. Give offers and schemes so that more people are attracted to your account.
  • Look out for relevant pages such as product reviewers and ask them for paid or unpaid shoutouts. Shoutouts on big accounts lead to an increase in your customers. Prepare a good post and caption for the shoutout and include hashtags and provide it to the account. Some accounts will accept paid promotions or shoutouts, others simply do a shoutout in return for a shoutout of their account on yours.
  • Use advertisements by Instagram. Select the post/s that get the highest engagement and advertise them by clicking on the ‘Promote’ button under that post. Advertising on Instagram is a good way of attracting an audience. Your post will be visible to specific users. You can choose a specific age group or a specific gender and your sponsored posts will only appear to people in those categories. Make the post interesting, so that people view your profile and follow you.
  • Make full use of stories on Instagram. Share product links and details on stories. You also need to add relevant hashtags in stories.
    Upload the review or unboxing videos of your products. You can share 1 minute long videos as posts on Instagram. For longer videos, use the IGTV section.
  • Message some of your customers to ask them about the quality and service and post its screenshots on your account’s posts or stories. Make sure to keep them as highlights if you are posting them as stories because stories last for 24 hours only. This ensures new customers about your service and the quality of products and increases the chance of them ordering something from your store.
  • Use Google Analytics and insights to know about the traffic on your account and the engagement of your posts. Google Analytics lets you know about the most engaging posts and types of customers you usually get. You can use this knowledge to attract more traffic to your account.
  • The insights section will also show the amount of traffic generated on your account. The account insights will tell you the reach of your page, that is, the number of accounts that have seen any of your posts or stories in the past 7 days. It also tells you the interactions of your posts. Interaction simply means engagement activities such as a follow, like, or comment. It will also give you the information of your followers such as locations with the highest number of followers, the age range of your followers, and the percentage of male and female followers along with the growth of your account.
  • Reply to each and every query or question by the customers. Ask them to DM (Direct Message) or email you any query and make sure to reply to each of them.