30 Highest Paying Jobs with an Associates Degree

Health Major

12 Easiest College Majors That Pay Well

Many people believe that education can be split on difficult and easy majors. Some people are doing great at literature, psychology, and social sciences and have difficulties paving paths through chemistry, mathematics, and physics. On the other hand, STEM majors enjoy performing scientific subjects while hating to read and analyze books, personalities, and different languages. So, where is the common ground? In this article, we’ve listed 12 easiest college majors that pay well. It’s a win-win situation, students don’t have to overly strain themselves, while they can drive great yearly revenue employed at some good company or on their own.

Finding an easy major depends on a lot of factors. Also, it’s important to note that just because some major is easy to complete and offers a lot of respectable-paying jobs, nothing but yourself, your resume and skills guarantee that you’ll get a good job. The marketplace is competitive in all fields and only the best persist. With that in mind, here are the 12 easiest college majors that pay well.

English Major

English Major

English Major is just much more than literature major. You find yourself immersed in novels, poetry, and prose with ease, you enjoy reading and exploring the boundaries of human creation. Additionally, you have a lot of friends who ask for help from English and you often find yourself at spelling competitions and book reading clubs. If so, this major will be perfect for you. English Major not only perfects your knowledge and practice from the English language, but it also teaches you how to analyze literature, and is all about reading all the greatest books ever written.

Benefits of English Major

Drawbacks of English Major

English Major Positions With Good Salary

English Major is at times considered fairly difficult and not worth the hassle and attention they deserve. Today, many believe that the jobs English Major implies can even be done without the degree. However, they still can’t be done with as much devotion and commitment as an English Major graduate can provide. With that in mind, here are the best-paying English Major career opportunities.

Other job positions include librarian, grant writing, even a lawyer (with certain certifications.) English major can make a lot of money, it just requires students to strategically plan their resources and how they’ll use their learning assets.

Online Associates Programs That Might Interest You

The primary responsibilities of air traffic controllers include enforcing correct taxiing procedures on the airways, providing aircraft with the proper landing instructions and protocol, and performing visual monitoring of local airspace surrounding the air towers of airports. On average, air traffic controllers earn an annual salary of $125,000, while some of the top-paying positions earn upwards of $178,600 per year. In terms of education, this job typically requires a professional certificate or associate degree. Over the next six years, the market will experience a 4% growth, meaning air traffic control is a relatively lucrative field to get into. Ultimately, this is a career for those who are fully invested in both their personal and professional success and who take pride in a job well done.

Information systems security technicians are responsible for establishing individual user access in computer systems for typically big-name, corporate clients. Security technicians also analyze systems’ collective data, maintain security files, log access requests, and keep track of trending user activity for future security purposes. To become a security technician, one must have a basic understanding of network security, firewall administration, routers, hubs, switches, and more. The median annual salary for these individuals is $96,000, while some of the highest-paying positions earn upwards of $188,000 per year. Information systems security technicians are hardworking individuals who typically have high levels of expertise and intelligence, as well as an innate drive for success.