Topics to Choose For Your Pollution in India Essay

Don’t be afraid if your college course requires you to write an essay about pollution in India. Yes, you can pay someone to write my essay. That is if you don’t have the time to do it. Maybe you have many assignments to fulfill.

But you can make it easy for the writer to compose the essay. Tell him what you want the essay to discuss. To help you with that, here are some suggestions on the topics that you can include in your essay. These are some of the things that will make your essay an interesting read.

1. State the current pollution problems in India if you will pay someone to write my essay.  

Do some research on the existing pollution problems in India. A recent report on the subject reveals that this country has the worst air pollution in the world. You can cite this report in your essay. This will tell the reader that the subject of your essay is essential.

Conduct some more research on the topic. The more figures and statistics that you can cite, the more effective it will be. Figures don’t lie. They will show that pollution is a real problem in India.

2. If you will pay someone to write my essay, ask him to give the causes of pollution

The next thing you can discuss in your essay is the reasons why there is pollution in India. There are many things that cause pollution in this country. You can list all these causes according to the degree that they pollute the country.

For example, you can discuss how big industrial plants contribute to the pollution of the air. And then there are the hundreds of cars and trucks that emit dark smoke on their tailpipes. Add to them the pollution that comes from homes. Don’t forget to include the pollution that comes from coal plants. They generate electricity but also pollute the air at the same time.

This will make your essay more relevant. Give the extent or percent by which each of them pollutes India. For example, cite examples of cars and trucks. They contribute about 37 percent of the total pollution that India suffers. Give the figures for the other causes of pollution.

2. Define the areas that are the most polluted in India if you will pay someone to “write my essay.”  

In the next section, you can list the places that experience the most pollution in India. Studies show that the cities of Pune, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Mumbai, and Bangalore are at the top of the list. That means they are some of the most polluted cities in India.

This fact will shock those who are living in these cities. Your essay will open their eyes to the gravity of the situation. It is important for you to state the numbers to help them understand how serious the situation is.

3. If you will pay someone to write my essay, ask him to list the effects of pollution on humans

You can also include the effects of pollution on us humans. Our bodies are not designed to breathe polluted air. We remain healthy if we breathe clean air. But we get all kinds of sicknesses if we continuously breathe air that is full of toxins.

You can cite the many ill effects of breathing unclean air. Include the following adverse effects:

  • Damage to the brain
  • Return of past diseases
  • Delay in the growth of the fetus
  • Rise in upper respiratory symptoms
  • Increase of cardiovascular diseases
  • Rise in mortality rates in polluted urban areas
  • Weakened immune systems
  • Increase in upper respiratory illnesses

4. Discuss the impact of pollution in the environment if you will pay someone to “write my essay.”  

Humans are not the only ones affected by pollution. Our environment is also impacted by polluted air. They include plants and trees. All the animals, domestic and in the wilds, are also affected.

We have to stop polluting our environment. If we don’t, we will be affected in a major way. We eat food that grows in healthy soil. They include plants, fruits, vegetables, and the like. The meat that we eat comes from animals. They also need a healthy environment to thrive.

If the environment where they live is polluted, more of them will die. There will be less food for us to eat. This is the reason why we have to protect our environment from the negative effects of pollution.

5. If you pay someone to “write my essay,” ask him to discuss the actions we can do to reduce pollution

One important point that you need to discuss is our part. We have a part of doing to reduce pollution in our environment. If every one of us does his part, we will not experience the bad effects of pollution.

Don’t think that only the industrial plants need to act. Yes, they need to curb their activities that pollute our planet. But we also have a part in the pollution of our planet.

The best way to conclude your essay is to discuss the important role that each of us must play. Our part in protecting our environment is also important. If you will pay someone to write my essay, ask him to emphasize this point at the end of your essay.